Saturday, January 30, 2010

I went home

The twin figures left me amazed at how they lift KL to a a higher level of chic city design. So magnificent.
Felt so good to be looking at the Jalur Gemilang in Malaysia.
Went to watch High School Musical- the musical, with the fanatic sister (she's showing off her HSM top)
The dancers actually do look like the real actors and actresses.
sooooooooooarin' fllaaaaaaaaayin'~
We're all in this together~
ahhh... the lovely scene of the convenient dump sites on curbs (the cardboard sign that's leaning against the tree says: BODOH! jangan buang sampah di sini!) I was tickled by the wrath of the person who wrote the sign
We opened Christmas presents. My dad and uncles got bullet proof undies for Christmas so they joined the force as Chan's 'angels'.
Esther took me to have my 1st Xiu Ngap Fan (roasted duck rice) in Connaught which was sooooo awesome!
I also had some fake Gai Lan and a super funny meal with the Basils plus one. It has been quite awhile since i laughed so hard, when the waiter who looked like James came over to serve us, and he just walked away when we can't stop the laughing.
Mom took my grandparents and I to this restaurant that serves pretty exotic stuff.
Convinced a Japanese that Durian is harmless.
Eating Durian is horribly sad if you're eating it alone (from a packet where you don't get to see the shell at all).
Went to a Brethren Church. Wonderful experience!
Walked around Klang and saw many wild cats, dogs, goats and wild cows (aka wow cows). and saw a 4-storey high Christmas trees made out of empty water bottles.
WA meets SA. Prepared for AGM.
Amen brother!
Awesome breakfast at the REAL coffee shops.
Breakkie before the serious stuff.
toe painting
the warrior from another planet.
Went to Malacca for OCF's 50th Convy. and visited Jonker street.
Eat eat eat. ate ate ate.
chicken ball rice vs. chicken rice balls
the famous ice kacang with gula melaka!

Good times strolling along Jonker, buying cheap but awesome food with OCFers.
The admirable Pastor Manja and the real man from OCF S.A. --Richard Poh
Pastor Manja on disco tech trishaw with the legend Kevin Goh
Signs in Malaccan streets are senget-ed
...mainly caused by strong men who likes to push things that can be slanted
Esther and Ian seems happy to be jumping in front of a former war fort
architecture + engineering
Visited Putrajaya with fellow OCFers from Malaysia, Singapore and Japan)
Almost got myself into trouble for saying something out loud in front of the mosque =p
Had Lum Mee with Pei Yi at Lot 10's food court which was revamped into something so futuristic
Accompanied my Granddad to the hospital for pre-op check up. Look at the name of the ward.
At 1st glance, I thought the brand was VOMIT
Had really cool chinese dessert near Asia Cafe with OCFers.
Chee Meng took Heidi and I to Petaling Street for the super kao spicy but deeeelicious Ikan Bakar.
i loooooooooved it!
had a foot long roti tissue
Went to Ipoh for Mindy's wedding =) *heart heart *smiles smiles*
Did some shopping in KL's golden triangle
Got my hair cut by my friend Lex. so cool.

Left for Perth in Air Asia X.

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  1. When you're back again, let's go for more ikan bakar nom sessions. :D It was so so so spicy but so so so nomilicious! :)

    Miss you babe! ♥