Sunday, March 7, 2010

the apologizing sport

I noticed that the most common time when people would always apologize (and I, too, for that matter) the most is when I play tennis.

“oh sorry sorry sorry” (say that in less than 1 second), would be what I’d hear the most when playing tennis. I’m hoping that my skills would get better so that I can say that too. Well, people only say that when they make a bad shot (which is not so often). But for me, it’s more like… “oh that’s a good shot!” (which is not so often). So to save my apologies, I’d say my sorries at the beginning and end of every game.

I used to live with a really sporty cousin, and would sometimes try to be part of her sporty world by going for jogs (ok… more like.. walks) , playing tennis, bike riding (till I feel like puking), doing some aerobics while watching tv, etc. And those were done just because I see her doing them so often, I don’t want to be left out. Since she got married, and I moved out with Ruby and Huey Chi, my only exercise was cleaning the house or chasing the cats around.

And as for my lifestyle now, I would say that I’m coming back to the whole sports-peer-pressure once more. Having a sporty boyfriend, obviously I’d wanna be part of his sports world, too. I’ve learnt that watching and cheering on a football match in front of the TV with a bag of chips is not considered a sport. So I’ve been going for tennis games every other week. I can’t say I’m getting good at it now. But give me a few more weeks, I’ll get there.

Oh yes, now that I don’t have UZY (the car I drove around in Adelaide), I’ve to make friends with the inconvenient public transport, and walk long distances to reach my destinations. The distance is one thing, the weather is another, and don’t forget the grocery bags.

So yeah… I would think I’m going to get fit in due time.

However, winter is just one season away… things may change…


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