Wednesday, March 17, 2010

unfinished thoughts

I dreamt I swallowed a chewing gum yesterday… and I woke up with the feeling that I have something stuck in my throat. Maybe I swallowed a bug in my sleep.

Dreaming has caused me quite a lot of hassle lately. Some of you may like the activity of dreaming because it is highly associated with sleeping. But not for my case. I’m deprived from sleep because of my dreams.

I remember reading somewhere that babies have nightmares more often than adults because they’re absorbing lots during the day, but most of their thoughts/ things they absorb in their little minds are not finished yet. So those unfinished thoughts will continue being processed when they sleep, but with them all jumbled up together, it turns ugly. Hence, the night mares.

But I don’t think I’m a baby anymore. How come I still have such awful dreams?

One night I dreamt I was at a party, and all of a sudden, a snake appeared. Then someone from the party took a bat and whacked the snake’s head, smashing it to gross pieces.

Then I woke up feeling hot. So I reached out to turn the fan on. When I opened my eyes to see where speed dial for the fan is… I saw a huge gecko! About the size of my arm! (from elbow to tip of fingers) on my fan! On the dial! Gahhhh!!!!

I reached for my phone so I can flash some light at the gecko to see properly. But what if it slithers away or jumps on my hand or skids to my bed!!!!? The horror!!!

I tried to reach for my glasses but failed. After starring at it in shock for a good 30 seconds, I ran out of my room and shut the door behind me. I was breathing so hard. Sliding my phone open for light, I saw that it was 3.15am. I can’t possibly wake my housemates up now… so I slept in the living room with the lights on.

Then I dreamt again about a little lizard that ate a human being which then turned into a monster (all in 2D).

What the?!

I need sleep. I need dreamless sleeps.

I checked the next morning—no gecko in my room.

A few days later I went for grocery shopping at IGA with Jade, Addielle and Tim. Then I saw this fake gecko (it’s like something for home deco), which looked exactly like the one I saw on my fan. Then I recalled that on that same day of the mysterious reptile-ish dreams, I went to this IGA as well. So there’s my unfinished thought…

I might dream about him tonight....


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