Sunday, April 11, 2010

Short Sharp Shiny

Here’s another moment that I realize (again) that I can’t have everything I want at once. Things are not the same anymore. Heading to Adelaide is not ‘heading back there again’ anymore. And flying in to Perth means returning. Reality is starting to sink in when I returned from my trip to Adelaide for the weekend.

I knew I couldn’t miss Sam and Ruby’s wedding for anything. I would regret it for life if I didn’t witness the both of them say ‘I do’ on the beach. The weather was great. Everything turned out well that day. When both Hong Kong and Philippines cultures met, it created such a unique atmosphere.

I’m also privileged to embrace a Hello and Goodbye episode with people I miss so dearly at Easter Camp. Credit goes to miss Deb G from the ‘lain-lain’ race, who has a new fiery red car and a heart the size of an entire continent, to drive all the way from the edge of Adelaide down to Dzintari for me to have the chance to hug, smile, catch up and laugh with OCFers who I grew in the Lord with.

In addition, I got to have a wonderful meal with dai yee, uncle Jason, Mandy, Duane, Tim, Deb, and Huey Chi. Though it was a short catch up session, it was condensed with laughter and great food. Loved the paella that dai yee cooked. Darn, I miss living with her.

My one day and 2 night trip to Adelaide was worth it. I got to feel the sand between my toes, ride in UZY once again, have AB in north Adelaide, sit on ex-Exco meeting table and chat with Jin, Dan and Deb, ride in Deb’s new car, meet sai bak (Sam’s dad) again, watch 2 of my close friends become one, hug mandy and Duane, meet Tan, sit on the same table as Hueychi&Ming, Ailyn&Wally, Christina&TimChai, dance with Tim, MC at the reception, see Ruby get into her wedding gown, feel nostalgic going down Payneham road, talk about cooking and my new life in Perth with Aunt and Uncle, witness worship practice at campsite, feel really good to see friends again (even though it was for such a short while), overslept and made it pass check-ins just 5 minutes before the counter closed… and on top of all that, I got to do all that with Tim who came with me as well =)

2 side incidents I’ve to mention b4 I finish this not-so-structured post:

1. I slammed my finger into Deb’s car boot. Oh yes, it was bloodless but brutal. I didn’t realize there was a curve going the other way of the hatchback, so when I closed the boot, my left index finger got stuck at the curve and I didn’t pull it away in time so it got slammed in as well. It was so swollen I couldn’t take my rings off my finger.

2. After checking in my luggage at the domestic airport, I recalled that I forgot to put my swiss army knife into the check in bag. The car was parked quite far away and we had to board soon. So I went to the girl’s toilet, and hid it behind a sanitary bin in one of the cubicles which didn’t have a functioning lock. Time of mission: 1630hrs Fri. Time I returned to scene: 0930hrs Sun. and it was still there!!!! Hahah… it was a risk I had to take cuz they’d confiscate it anyway… so I might as well give it a shot. And there it was sitting there all Saturday, waiting for me to collect it when I come back.


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