Saturday, April 24, 2010


For as long as I could remember, I have to always bring my passport if I were to enter a casino, club or places that have anything to do with adult stuff. Not that I’m too annoyed by it as I don’t really go to such places, but it just has been a bit of a hassle.

A few weeks ago, Tim and I had a chance to have a free buffet dinner at Burswood Casino. So with our passports ready, we walked to the entrance, only to find out that WE NOW LOOK OLD ENOUGH TO ENTER CASINO!!!!! Cuz the bouncers didn’t ask us for our IDs! Yay!!!! We happily walked pass the huge casino bouncers, Pokies machines, tables with gambling chips and gambling adults, neon lights as bright as 2 suns, and into the restaurant with wide adult smiles on our "oh no we're adults already!" faces.



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