Sunday, February 20, 2011

The story you should know

Yup! It happened. He went down on one knee and asked me the most anticipated question. With the gorgeous sunset, sea breeze, shock, and adorably handsome face, I wasn’t left with much of a choice but to say yes!

Just in case you didn’t catch the full story (2nd hand stories are just not thrilling enough), so here’s my attempt to describe the scene.

Last December, I gave Timo a homemade voucher booklet as his birthday present. In it contained 12 acts of service from me to him, such as go for a dinner and movie date, cleaning his house with a smile, doing his laundry etc. And one of it was to go for location scouting for photography purposes with him. And on 19th Feb 2011 (Sat), he said he wanted to use that voucher to go around Perth to get good shooting locations for his clients’ upcoming wedding/ pre-wedding shoots.

I had to work half day that day, so he picked me up and we went to the city. It was HOT! and camera bags were HEAVY! But it was fun =) going around the city, getting chased out by guards who do not allow us to take photos at certain spots. I struggled with the camera a lot. So what I did most was pose for him at potential places. We also went all the way to Swan Valley, and then back down to Coogee Beach to catch the sunset.

“Quick! We gotta make it for the sunset at 6.30!!”
“How u know it’s 6.30? u checked?”
“No, I’ve just been really attentive these days... all these things u gotta know really well so u won’t miss the magic moment! And so that I can advise other people ma...”

Knowing how important it is for a photographer to catch the ‘magic moment’, I didn’t suspect anything and rushed with him to the beach.

“Why Coogee Beach? Isn’t Cottesloe closer?”
“Haiyah, Coogee less people."

At the beach, he said he wanted to take a video of the sun setting. He then said some technical terms about the sun glare and the timing bla bla bla. Hence the tripod and How Boon’s camera. I was wondering why he didn’t wanna use his SLR camera for the video, and even got Jade’s camera for spare. So maybe he wanted to also take still shots. *shrugs* sunset shots- way too complicated for me, so I didn’t ask further.

He hurried me to the far end of the beach. He said there’s a bridge at that end. He was a little quiet then (which I didn’t notice until after). He got me to stand on the bridge while he set up the camera on tripod. Since I’ve been posing for him all day, that wasn’t new to me. I tried taking some shots with another SLR but it’s so hard to comprehend!!! All I got were blank shots of nothingness. Overexposed, can’t focus, give up. Then he came and took some shots, and at my moment of frustration, he said he found this new gadget in Malaysia that you can attach it to the camera and it’ll automatically adjust it for u. I stared blankly and said “Harh? Can’t u just switch the cam to auto mode?” (I almost blew off the proposal!)

“No, this one is different.”
“Did you bring it?”
“Yah, it’s in my bag. Go get it.”

Super curious about this gadget, I opened the cam bag and saw a note.
Step 1: Unlock iPhone
Step2: Play song
Then it hit me like the waves that were smashing towards the bridge. OH MY GOODNESS THIS IS IT!!!
There was a step 3 but I didn’t even read it (which was ‘Look at the title of the song’, and it was ‘Marry Me’)

I clicked play and turned around.
He walked towards me and said a lot of things which I want to save it just for myself *blush*
Went on one knee.
“Will you marry me?”

The song was still playing. Waves. Breeze. Sunset. Diamond ring. OH MY GOODNESS THIS IS IT!!!!
1000000 times yes!

After he put on the ring for me, all I could say was “really?!”

Hahha... then we sat there facing the sunset, and he told me the whole story behind the ring, talking to my parents, telling my friends and getting them to keep it a secret... till it was dark and I was sooo hungry... I also later confirmed that the auto adjusting gadget is not true.

So there you go. The story you should know. Heheh.... so the great shot of him kneeling down, was taken by Timo himself! He’s so smart! And he knew me—simple, romantic, beach, sunset, song, surprise.

Thanks for being so excited and happy for us. We’re grateful to have such an enthusiastic bunch to make this event even more thrilling.


  1. I'm all teary with joy for you both! :)

  2. A beautiful story. Congratulations. :)

  3. aww...hearing/reading the story for the 2nd romantic! this is it...a sweet memory of you two to be told to your children!! Lots of love to you two! :)


    That was super romantic!!!! I'm so happy for you two. :') Congratulations again both of you... *squeals* It still hasn't really sunk in yet cos we were just talking about it the other day...who's gonna get married first. HAHAHA. I'm all smiles after seeing the news on FB. And now reading the story of how the proposal went down...I'm all warm and fuzzy inside. :)

    *BIG BIG BIG HUGS* (all the way from Malaysia. hehe. *wink*)

  5. I am so so happy for the both of you... Ah... You are like family to me... Congratulations Tim and Jez... your match is made in heaven.

  6. thank you so much for sharing this wonderfully romantic proposal with us Jez!! Timo sounds like a very special person! God's blessings on you both! love aunty anne


    JEZ hahahahahahhah! the thought of blowing off your won proposal is heart wrenching for the other party man.


  8. Hey timo,

    I cant believe you did it this way. HAHAHA.. small Timo with Big Brains!

    Anyway, congratulations to both of you.

    I'm so proud of you Timo!

    In Christ,
    Jess T

  9. i must say, the photo is brilliant, with everything set up by Timo himself. of course, the whole process of planning and the procedure leading towards the ring that finally found its way to the finger is simply astonishing. u're such a genius Timo, truly amazing story!