Thursday, September 5, 2013

Where is my shovel?

I have forgotten how to write.


Let me rephrase – I have forgotten how it feels to write. The mental purge of thoughts and ideas. I hope this little step of returning to the blogging habit will help.


I read about digging ditches today, from The Great Book in 2 Kings. Elisha told the kings to dig the ground. They were in the middle of war, and this prophet tells them to go dig. Lol.


If you have time, read this story, kinda interesting…


The kings had big dreams – to win the war, but God is asking them to start small and dig ditches so that He can fill it with water to nourish the dehydrated troop at war.


Now my problem is that I do not have a big dream (yet). However, I reckon that if I start digging my ditches, I would be able to see my big dream, I hope.


Now where’s my shovel?


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