Friday, September 6, 2013

The hidden agenda of the mysterious bobby pins

You may relate to me if you’re a girl with long or short hair whom at the most inconvenient times are in desperate need of a bobby pin.

I’m sure this happens to almost anything – when you need it, you’ll never find it. But somehow, this happens the most for bobby pins. The frustrating thing is that I consciously try to leave a few bobby pins in most places I could possibly think of. Jackets pockets, bag compartments, coin bags, stationary drawers at the office, emergency pack, in the miscellaneous drawer of keys, pens and USB sticks etc.

And still I could end up not finding a single bobby pin when I need it most. I have a strong feeling they know exactly when to hide, and when to show up to be a nuisance at that spot. They just love watching me get annoyed with crazy hair sticking out by the side at the same time.

Come on bobby pins, I’m your friend, please be nice to me.


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