Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Super post

I don’t know how to put this more simply… I’ve been encountering a few ‘super’s these days.

My dad birthday wasn’t too long ago, and my sis childishly suggested to get dad a Superman costume as a gift. I foolishly said ok, and went on to threadless.com to hunt some cool Superman prints. But to my disappointment, there weren’t any. B4 I could start looking into e-bay, mom snapped me out of it and reminded me about getting dad a GPS instead. (hope he doesn’t read my blog cuz it’s not bought yet)

While I was in the bus one day, Ps Bobbie Houston’s podcast came on my iShuffle. The topic—Superwomen for God. Was an inspiring teaching about us as God’s Superwomen, we should expand our capacity by using every given opportunity. Good stuff.

The ruby fell out from my tiara. The tiara was from EeMay, Ecamp07. I’ve kept it since then to remind myself that I’m a princess and I’m beautiful =p so since the ruby is not in place, I decided to stick it back on. The best tool for it is Superglue. I did what I had to do, stuck the ruby thing back on, and left it there to dry. Not having much thought, I left it on my dictionary to dry. When I came back to it, I found that the extra Superglue flowed to the bottom part of the tiara onto my dictionary. My most bimbotic item was stuck to my most intellectual item! How iconic~ (well, Gloria came over one day and managed to pull them apart)

In the midst of changing jobs, I was also given the choice of changing Superannuation. Had to go back to my former employer, get an end-of-employment letter, send it to the super company I’m leaving, so they can transfer my funds. It was such a hassle, but I’m glad it’s solved now.

And just to add up to it, I’ve been quite annoyed with catalogues stuffed in my mailbox which usually get half eaten by slugs and snails. Catalogues from Super Cheap Autos and supermarkets.

How much more SUPER can this get?!


  1. HAHAHA. like that also can become a post.

    hi jez.

  2. hahah, why not?

    hi james. i miss u.