Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Of my orange brellie

I once had this conversation with Stanley Tan, who had one front tooth missing when I met him.

Stan: your umbrella is so small it can only keep my hair dry! (do also bear in mind that he's bald)

Me: well it will if u have any. Maybe ur eyebrows. They may be well protected with this umbrella.

Stan: Yeah I think so. But U're so small anyway, u should be alright with it, that's why u bought it right?

Me: it's a gift from a friend who I once said that black umbrellas make rainy days sadder, so she got me a bright orange one to cheer my rainy days up.

Stan: not bad... Happy but wet... better than dry but sad. Good to know that ur hair will remain happy and dry.

Me: well in ur case ur eyebrows will be happy and dry if u use it



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