Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Raise your glass for the year that was...

2010 has been a rather interesting year for me. And just for my own record, I’d like to pen some stuff down so I can read this again in 20 years time and go woooo~ 2010… interesting…

The “most”s in one year:

Most common incident: missing the bus

Most missed: friends of Adelaide, UZY, and Taro flavoured Bubble Tea

Most watched: How I Met Your Mother

Most said phrase: I love you! (with exclamation mark) (to the same person)

Most wasteful times spent: waiting for connecting bus

Most frequently asked by me: should I get a car?

Most frequently asked by others: do u like Adelaide or Perth more?

Most house chore done: sweep floor (ooopss)

Most avoided: birds (yes, the fear remains)

Most purchased/ received: shoes

Most made: new friends and built deeper friendships with them

The "Least" in one year:

Least done: blogged

Things to remember in 2010:

Moved to Perth from Adelaide. I still can’t answer which I prefer more. Just leave me alone!

Sent out countless resumes. Only a few replied with rejections.

Moved into current house with Jade and Addielle. Though the house isn’t the best but the girls provide such great company! And I’m 3 minutes drive away from the boyfriend!!! Instead of 3 hours flight!

Finally I could go on dates with Timo instead of the ‘virtual dates’ that’s if the internet connection is fine.

Got more involved with Zion Praise Harvest church. Joined ProjectionZ ministry. Slowly adapting to having Friday Nights free (having been faithfully attending OCF for so long, it takes awhile to back down). Had cell groups at my house every week and it was great to witness the house be filled with fellowship. Truly enjoyed the noise and chaos that went on every week.

Sold vacuum cleaners for a week. Decided that I can’t go from house to house with random people selling a freaking expensive tool ($4k mind u!). And it’s way too big for me to carry around.

Went back to work for Subway. Had a really good boss from South Africa. He complains about the way Aussies do business and likes it when I know the lyrics to songs by The Beatles.

Volunteered at Sonshine FM as admin assistant. Enjoyed helping the new General Manager with the usual clerical tasks. Understood more about Community Radio Industry.

Got a full time job at IDP. Had to quit Subway and Sonshine. Entered at the peak period and struggled to learn the system. Went to Brisbane for staff retreat which was fun but a little strange. Learnt more about the education system but discovered the hardship of working life if you can’t smile from within and look forward to go to work everyday.

Appointed to be Young Adults Administrator. Just when I thought I sucked in administration big time, I was challenged to think otherwise.

Went to Hillsong Conference. Cried out to God for comfort. Brought my work stress all the way to Sydney. Immersed myself fully in the courts of thanksgiving and entered the gates of praise.

Endeared a little more at work. Prayed for a sign if I should start looking for another job. The sign appeared on that exact day. I got fired.

Went back to volunteering at Sonshine FM. After one week, my boss said he really wants to keep me but do not have enough funds, so he’ll hold me in for paid employment but only for half a day every weekday. Until today I look forward to serving God and his people by serving at the station. Always feel encouraged when listeners give us feedback about their testimonies. Am learning a little about broadcasting from the senior DJs.

Went for audition to the worship team at church and finally made it in. I really admire the talents that God has blessed this house with.

Got my long hair cut short. Just because it was free.

Went on road trip after Christmas. Super fun! Did real camping, stayed in a farm, and swam in the clear blue sea.

Went to a disappointing countdown at Northbridge and had bubble tea after that. Thankfully I was with good company =)

Lesson learnt in the year 2010: no matter what happens in life, it’s who you’re going through it with that matters.


  1. ...so jez...did u like perth or adelaide better :P

  2. ♥ly post..

    but how come nothing mention about me staying juz 5mins walking distance away from you?? =(

  3. hahha, i dont know kenin! i dont know!!!

    kimmy, and yes... i'm so so grateful for knowing someone who stays 5 mins walk away from me so i can go other to talk to her when i need to. and i mean it!!!