Sunday, November 28, 2010

To Cut the Long Story Short

While I was out for a jog one day, I was thinking, if I were to keep writing, would I one day run out of things to write about?

Well if I don’t have anything to write about, I can do something so I can write about it! But it has to be something write-worthy. I can’t possibly be writing about my attempt jog/ walking-in-a-slightly-faster-pace-activity, or about my dinner last night. Too boring. I concluded to not give too much pressure on myself, and see how things go.

The next day at work my colleague sent out a request from a 2nd year hairstyling student who needed 2 models for a ‘bob’ cut to pass her exams. As my memory of topics-to-write ‘jogged’ back into my head, I responded to her without thinking twice.

So on the appointed day I left work slightly early, but was late and missed the bus by 2 mins! Called for help and my other colleague was kind enough to drop me off at the train station (which I had to jump off the car at the traffic light cuz there’s no place to stop—talk about breaking the law for a free haircut!).

The train ride to the city felt way longer than it should be, and not that I’m being paranoid, but almost everyone in the train had really long hair!!! Am I really going to regret this? But in the name of Change, Things-To-Write-About, and free stuff, I need to be brave.

So two hours and forty minutes of sitting still and trying not to dose off, my very long hair was chopped off and I think I literally lost some weight.

I like it. Something new. Fresh. Young.

I’ve been getting feedbacks of extreme ends. “you look younger”; “you look more mature”. For the boys who wanted to stay safe “wow! You look... different”.

I told mom that I feel like an Asian Egyptian for a bit. And after a few washes later, the right side sticks out like a sore thumb. Whatever it is, Tim likes it. He thinks it’s cute. My colleagues and boss like it, and said it was worth the rush. I like it. It saves me shampoo.

So there you go, there’s always something for me to write about. And all I gotta do now is to say yes to everything! Well, a reasonable range of Everything.


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