Tuesday, November 2, 2010

001011100110101101011101000101011101010111 (if you can understand this... get out of here)

When my bathroom light fused the other day, I just realized that I’ve always had guys around me who would help me with changing fused light-bulbs and taming my computers that decide to bail on me when moody.

Here’s a tribute to my computer doctors:

Primary school: Goh Goh my cousin bro

High school: Goh Goh and sometimes Shua or Horny my gay friends

College: Alwyn Yap my CF president, sometimes Liz Lau my classmate

Uni: Uncle Sam and sometimes Ming, both my housemates’ boyfriends

Now: Timo, my man!

Well, it is actually a privilege to have these men around to fix my blue screens of doom, my why-is-it-not-working?!?!?, and all other electrical breakdowns. But it’s just so frustrating, as a 21st century girl to still be dependent on others to fix my gadgets.

The other day Tim tried to walk me thru (via WhatsApp) the process of syncing my phone stuff with my computer. “Click on the iPhone icon in My Computer” was step one. But the icon wasn’t there. “it can’t be... it should appear... is your phone connected to the computer?”

Of course it is! I’m not that computer smart but I’m not that bimbotic... I tried it again but I SO FREAKING CANT SEE THE ICON IN MY COMPUTER!

That night he came over to try it again. Lo and behold... the icon appeared. Yyyeeee!!!! I wanted to chekik my phone and my computer (who I think was cynically mocking me in their binary codes).

Why? Why does it happen to me? Now my boyfriend thinks I’m hopeless with electrical devices and has an ego the size of my television because I NEED him as my geek guy. Which I’m totally fine with because he’s great with it. But I wanna be able to do it on my own sometimes you know? To let the world keep spinning and not having to wait blankly for help.

However, I have had some achievements: wirelessly connecting my PC to my TV via PS3 so I can watch series/ movies and play music on Stevie the TV, setting up my home internet when I just moved in here and get the wi-fi started, and teaching mom how to use msn.

I reckon I’m in a position where I fear no technology given the fact that I have so much trust in my friends who are oh so tech-savvy.

Not gonna work for me, computer?! Well [:p] to you too!

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  1. What is 001011100110101101011101000101011101010111 mean?
    I only get 1 symbol and 3 English characters when eliminate the first and second zero :D