Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Before THE Departure

Before I left the lovely land called Adelaide, I tried to do all the only-can-do-this-in-Adey-stuff, only to find myself missing it more...
Had GINORMOUS Chicken Schnitzels at Earl of Leicester Hotel. Yes I finished my share...

we even ate quite a lot of the veggies from the salad bar!

stayed over at the super artsy fartsy place, and killed a hairy spider with Su-Ling
slept in E's room
so nice of her... i didnt turn on a/c. i used fan =p

Gena the finance lady. Was fun meddling on Profiler with her.
Michael DA BOSS, who could handle ANYTHING!
Ian thinks he can spell. So he thinks. Heheh... I think he makes me feel special.
Trevor can't stop thinking about Singapore & Malaysian food
Angela who has such faith through her prayers.
Pete who cant stop joking. try stopping him. you'll fail.Len is like the father of all impersonations

Colin always has enough room to care for you Sandfly-- the genius who talks to herself
Helen has been teaching soooo many things since day one

Went to Eggless with Deb and Jin. Also had pretty good Italian food before this. forgot the name of the restaurant... It's on King William St.

Went crabbing with Quinn, Aaron and Han. They were noobs in this. I've been a few times, but usually just sit and watch, instead of getting my hands dirty. This time, it was so fun!
Our first catch (and it wasnt a crab...)

We caught 5 in 2 hours plus! The best tool of the night-- thongs!!!

the dusk at victoria square

got to watch a 3D movie in Australia, finally.... Oh by the way... I don't think IMAX managed to survive in Adelaide...

You may think it's disgusting,
but pie floaters are really cool! check out the sauces you can put in it!

Went to C-Cup for the last time to have Albert Yip.

Will always remember the menu and the holes in their walls.

Got to see James present his work at some Architecture's 3rd year presentation thingy... very impressive. Deb and I felt so proud to know an architect in the making.

I will never forget the times I had in OCF. Grown so much, met so many people, seen so many great things that God has done in our lives as students away from home.

I actually bought the earliest flight to avoid tearing in front of too many people (I know... that's a little perasan... but I'm leaving!!! I've the right to feel so). I was so touched to see all of you sacrificinig your Saturday morning's sleep to send me off. Boo ya! I didn't cry =p Bluek

I will never forget the awesome times I had in the lovely land called Adelaide.


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