Thursday, January 21, 2010

bad hunter

‘I should stop browsing on photos from my friends’ FB page, and start doing something more productive.’ Doesn’t that sound familiar?

I guess I’m not a good job hunter. Maybe my riffle’s not good enuf. Or my aiming skills are always off the mark. I’m running out of bullets soon. People would ask “how’s the job hunting going?” and this is when I’d wish I could say “oh it’s not going on anymore cuz I hunted one down, baybeh!”

Maybe I should just change my riffle to a machine gun, aimlessly fire away at all directions, hoping to kill something. Anything. An insect?

Who am I kidding… need more faith than that.

A friend once told another friend of mine that faith is like waiting for the bus. You’ll never know when it’s coming, but you know for sure it will. However, due to the existence of the bus timetables, I can’t seem to nod with that analogy. This bus that I’m waiting for does not run on timetables. But I’ll keep waiting. I won’t give up and call the taxi. Taxis are too expensive anyway. My bus will come…


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