Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The waiting game

Ever since being a mum, I've been waiting a lot. This 'wait' is not the 'just be patient and while waiting just do be busy with other things'. No this 'wait' is more similar to the times when you're stranded somewhere and have nothing you could do but to really WAIT.

Like right now... I'm typing this while I'm in the car just waiting for Hayley to take her nap. Oh but I'm being busy with blogging so that's not so bad 😅

Other times I've to wait for her to wake up, wait for her to fall asleep, wait for her sleep through one more cycle, wait for her to finish herpoop 😒, wait for her to swallow, wait for her to finish her milk... the list goes on.

Oh! Wait is over. She's up! Gotta carry on mothering.


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