Saturday, July 8, 2017

Midnight ponders

I'm generally a night person. So my brain goes on hyper mode at night. But when my body's prime time and brain's prime time do not sync, it feels a bit weird... now my brain is thinking about the strangest things and my body is just... bleh...

Just so I could get it out of my system and go to sleep, here's a list of things I'm pondering about while in bed:

1. Who came up with the term "shower"? Not the "shower" as in to clean oneself; but the "shower" as in to celebrate a person before a big occasion happens to that person, i.e. baby shower and bridal shower. Maybe the connection would be to prepare someone for something, and the act of doing it would be metaphorically be similar to taking a shower? Heh... ok let's settle with that explanation and move on.

2. Hayley is napping much lesser than a kid who is older than her. Should I be concerned?

3. Remember to buy milk tomorrow.

4. Who's gonna win MasterChef this season?

5. Oh... Hayley is up again 😣

End of midnight pondering...


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